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“A nation that destroys it’s soil destroys itself.”

~Franklin D. Roosevelt

Compost Tea

Enrich your soil with our compost and compost tea to acheive a thriving garden, fertile farm land, and a vibrant lawn.  “Feed the soil and the soil will feed the plant.” 

What is compost tea?

Compost tea is like probiotics and vitamins for your plants.

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Imagine all the benefits of the nutrients and microbes in our compost being able to immediately start healing and maximizing the health of your plants from the inside out! That’s what our compost tea does.

Compost tea is a nourishing liquid produced by extracting beneficial microbes, nutrients and humates from compost.

There are two types of processes for creating this extract: 1. The aerated brewing process greatly multiplies the concentration of microbes and nutrients. 2. The non-aerated process merely extracts the existing microbes and nutrients from the compost.

Both forms of our tea is rich in life-giving, healing microbes and nutrients.

While both compost tea and humus compost offer valuable benefits to soil and plant health, compost tea provides a more immediate nutrient boost when used as a foliar spray. However, regular application of humus-rich compost is crucial for long-term soil health and fertility. Combining both methods offers the optimum approach to nurturing your garden or lawn. Learn more about humus compost.

Compost tea can be used on any plant, including vegetables, fruits, flowers, trees, and turfs.

Benefits of using compost tea

Microbial Boost

Compost tea contains a diverse array of beneficial microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes. When used as a foliar spray, it increases growth and enhances the immune system of the plant resulting in greater resistance to disease and insect pressure. The majority of “clean up crew insects,” harmful bacteria and viruses should not harm a healthy plant!  

Enhanced Nutrient Absorption

Compost tea is absorbed directly through the gas exchange pores on the underside of leaves allowing the tea’s microbes and nutrients to go to work immediately to defend and nourish your plants. 

Improved Soil Structure and fertility

To improve depleated soil, the use of compost, compost tea, cover crops and minerals, together offer the best result. Fertile soil can be achieved in 3-5 years as compared to other programs that can take 10-12 years. The microbes in compost and compost tea can transform poor soil in one season, improving soil structure and fertility. 

tomato plants with compost tea infographic
potatoes saved from blight using compost tea vs. plants not saved infographic

Compost tea has been found to be effective against bacterial, viral and fungal diseases in plants.

Ways to apply compost tea

Poured into soil: Pour compost tea around the base of a plant once a week.

Soil drench: Use compost tea as a soil drench in the spring and fall.

Cover Crops: Spray on cover crops just before plowing under.

Foliar application: The most effective use: Spray on plant leaves underneath, as well as on top, in the evening full strength or diluted with water 2:1. 


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