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“A nation that destroys it’s soil destroys itself.”

~Franklin D. Roosevelt

For the farm, landscaper, and nursery

Whether you’re a seasoned orchardist, a vineyard owner, a produce grower, a landscaper, or a nursery selling quality products to your customers, you understand that “it all starts from the ground up.”

Humus compost unlocks plant potential!

Experts say “we’re only growing 25-30% of a plants genetic capability” and “only 15-25% of their photosynthesis capacity…we’re not growing plants to their inherant potential!”

See the difference!


In the world of agriculture, the journey from seed to harvest is an intricate process of nurturing and providing for the needs of growing plants. A crucial element in this delicate balance is the quality of the soil.

Meet our compost, a game-changer in the realm of commercial agriculture. It’s not just any compost; it’s the catalyst for rejuvenating your soil and supercharging your harvest. 

Humus in our humus comost, is a stable form of carbon that can stay in your soil for up to 60 years – making it a long-lasting, sustainable solution for soil health. Once the soil is built up after the first few years of using humus compost, it also helps prevent minerals from being washed away or leached out. 

The following photo illustrates a first year cover crop planted on sandy, fallow ground, using only Millennium Compost (organic humus compost with 10% biochar).

Barry Krull in field; first year cover crop using our Millenium Compost

Did you know? Biochar can remain in the soil 600 to 1000 years! 

Enrich your soil with our compost for healthier and more robust harvests, year after year. 

Products for the farm, commercial growers and nurseries…

Call us for special pricing and amendment mixes. Let’s talk. 

Humus Compost

$95/yd for 1-6 yards.

$90/yd for 7-19 yards

$85/yd for 20-34 yards

$75/yd for 35+ yards

10% Millennium Compost

$125/yd for 1-6 yards

$122/yd for 7-19 yards

$119/yd for 20-34 yards

$115/yd for 35+ yards


5% Millennium Compost

$117/yd for 1-6 yards

$112/yd for 7-19 yards

$109/yd for 20-34 yards

$106/yd for 35+ yards

4:1 Top Soil + Humus Compost Screened

$50/yd for 1-6 yards

$45/yd for 35+ yards

3:1 Top Soil + Humus Compost Screened

$55/yd for 1-6 yards

$50/yd for 35+ yards

4:1 Lake Bottom, Bottom Land + Millennium Compost Screened

$60/yd for 1-6 yards

$55/yd for 35+ yards

Barry’s Blend…Everything!

$65/yd for 1-6 yards

$60/yd for 35+ yards

Custom Blends, Chicken Manure with Compost

Call us for pricing and availability

Compost Tea

$7/gal. for 20-49 gallons

$5/gal. for 50-99 gallons

$3/gal. for 100-199 gallons

$2/gal. for 200-399 gallons

$1.50/gal. for 400+ gallons

Custom mineral blending is available!

Bagged Compost

Call us for wholesale bagged pallet pricing.

NEW 2024 compost bag design:

Services for the farmer…

Soil Tests | $95

Find out exactly what your soil needs! Our soil testing services include interpretations and recommendations through CSI (Crop Services International)

Custom Amendments

Give your soil, plants and trees exactly what it needs. Nutritional amendments can be added to your soil, plus we can mix seeds – such as cover crops – into the compost.

Wholesale Pricing

Call us! We can email you our most recent Product & Price Sheet. We offer bulk pricing for commercial ag businesses, and wholesale pricing for retail businesses such as nurseries.


Free delivery for nurseries.

$60 delivery charge within a 15 mile radius of Maple City. Delivery over 15 miles, $1 per mile.

1 pallet + $60 delivery charge; 3 pallets or more get FREE delivery.

Healthy Soil ~ Healthy Plants ~ Healthy People.


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