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“A nation that destroys it’s soil destroys itself.”

~Franklin D. Roosevelt

Garden & Lawn

Enrich your soil with our compost and compost tea to acheive a thriving garden and a vibrant lawn.  “Feed the soil and the soil will feed the plant.” 

Nourishing your garden and lawn.

bigger fruits on tree using humus compost

Long-Term Benefits

Our compost doesn’t just provide a quick fix; it enriches your soil over time. You’ll enjoy the greater benefits, season after season, making it a cost-effective investment. Learn more about what humus compost is and how it works.

Improved Soil Structure

Our compost works wonders by enhancing soil structure. It aids in better water retention, reduces soil compaction, and allows for improved root growth for healthier plants. 

better fruit and harvest with our premium compost

Sustainable Solution

Opting for our humus compost means you’re investing in soil nourishment for both present and future plant growth. Unlike other fertilizers and non-humus composts that merely feed plants without enhancing soil quality a great deal, Krulls Compost is a sustainable option. It not only nourishes the soil and the plants but is also safe for pets, children, and our precious lakes!

Use Compost and Compost Tea to Protect Our Lakes and Rivers

blue sky and dock on lime lake

Compost and Compost Tea can be used as a fertilizer alternative for lawns and not harm our precious waters.

Our lakes and rivers have changed and are changing at an alarming rate, giving way to invasive species like Eurasian water-milfoil and algae. The use of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides on our lawns and plants near the water is quickly changing it into an anaerobic environment which produces different plants and aquatic life. Not so with compost and compost tea. They contain nitrogen, phosphorus and other minerals in a different, stable form, bound with amino acids and carbon. These minerals won’t leach into our waterways, protecting them from the damaging effects of excessive nitrates and phosphates contained in fertilizers.

Your lawn will be healtheir too, as the microbes and humus in compost and compost tea improve your soil, resulting in fewer weeds and disease free, more robust grass.

With the nutrient-rich goodness of our compost, your lawn & garden will be healthier and more robust.

Studies show that a well nourished plant will considerably lower the risk of disease and bug pressure, when used properly. Plants that produce a complete protein, carbohydrate, etc. are in a form that most bugs can’t digest, so they leave it alone. 

tomato plant up close

Below is an infographic of a real life situation where our compost tea was applied to potato plants and the plants thrived, while the row of plants that did not get compost tea were unhealthy and did not survive blight. 

potatoes saved from blight using compost tea vs. plants not saved infographic

Learn more about compost tea and it’s benefits.

Our Products

For larger quantities and pricing, visit our Farm & Nursery page.

Humus Compost

$95/yd for 1-6 yards

$90/yd for 7-19 yards


10% Millennium Compost

$125/yd for 1-6 yards

$122/yd for 7-19 yards


5% Millennium Compost

$117/yd for 1-6 yards

$112/yd for 7-19 yards


4:1 Top Soil + Humus Compost Screened

$50/yd for 1-6 yards

3:1 Top Soil + Humus Compost Screened

$55/yd for 1-6 yards

4:1 Lake Bottom, Bottom Land + Millennium Compost Screened

$60/yd for 1-6 yards

Barry’s Blend…Everything!

$65/yd for 1-6 yards

$60/yd for 35+ yards

Custom Blends, Chicken Manure with Compost

Call us for pricing and availability

Compost Tea

$14/gal. for 1-6 gallons

$10/gal. for 7-19 gallons

$7/gal. for 20-49 gallons


How many bags do I need?

how many bags infographic; application coverage chart

Find our bags for sale at:

• Krull’s Composting Farm Stand – 857 N Burdickville Rd., Maple City, MI 49664

Northwoods Hardware – 6053 S. Glen Lake Rd, Glen Arbor, MI 49636

• McGough’s – 501 Lake Ave., Traverse City, MI 49684

• Breeze Hill Greenhouse – 7230 E. Harrys Rd., Traverse City, Mi 49684

• Market Basket Inc. – 187 N Michigan Ave, Beulah, MI 49617

How to apply our compost

garden shovel icon

New soil prep
Apply at least 3/4 of an inch of compost and mix into top 6 inches of soil.

improve existing soil with humus compost graphic

Improving existing garden soil
Apply at least 1/2 inch of compost and mix into top 6 inches of soil. Mulch over compost.


transplanting and compost icon

Add 2 cups of compost to hole, mix, plant and water. Our compost will not burn plants.

add compost to existing plants icon

Existing plants
Apply 2 cups of compost around each plant, water and mulch; or side dress row crops. Mulch over compost.

plant container icon

Top dress compost or mix 2 parts good soil with 1 part compost.


planting new trees or shrubs with compost icon

Planting trees and shrubs
Put 2 shovelfuls of compost in hole, plant tree or shrub and top dress with more compost, then water and mulch.

add compost to existing trees and shrubs icon

Existing trees and shrubs
Apply 1 to 2 shovelfuls of compost around base of each tree, depending on size of tree or shrub.

add compost to grass and lawns icon

Apply at least 1/4 inch of compost on lawn, spring and fall. Aerate if possible. Our compost is safe for children, pets and lakes!



Soil Test  |  $95
See what your soil needs! Our service includes interpretations and recommendations of the test results.

 Local Delivery

$60 delivery charge within a 15 mile radius of Maple City. Delivery over 15 miles, $1 per mile.

Spraying of Compost Tea
Application of compost tea for lawns or gardens. But, it’s easy to apply yourself!

Compost Spreading available

Growing Plan
Using your own compost or relying on your own plan can take 10-12 years to build up your soil. With our humus compost and recomendations, we can help you create a successful growing plan.  When used correctly, humus compost in conjunction with cover crops and minerals, see results in just 3-5 years.

Visit the Farm Stand

Bagged compost is available for sale year-round at our self-serve farm stand, located 1 mile west of Maple City. Local, seasonal produce is available from May-October. Compost by the yard is available now! Contact us for details. 

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Healthy Soil ~ Healthy Plants ~ Healthy People.


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