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“A nation that destroys it’s soil destroys itself.”

~Franklin D. Roosevelt

Why Humus Compost?

Our Mission

At Krull’s Composting, our commitment to healthier people runs deep. We believe that better soil leads to healthier people and a healthier earth.

"From the Earth, For the Earth."

Join us on the journey to creating a healthier future for all living things. Experience the benefits of Krull’s humus compost ~ enhancing the soil for richer results year after year.  

What is Humus?

Pronounced: “h-yu-mus”

Humus is a dark, rich substance that comes from fully decomposed organic matter. Most commercial compost processes stop at the point of decomposition. Our longer composting process allows the life-giving microbes present in our compost to transfer this decomposed matter into humus, which is a stable carbon containing stable slow-release nutrients that won’t leach out of our sandy soils. Humus acts as a soil glue that improves soil structure, giving it the ability to retain moisture and allow the proliferation of billions of beneficial microbes. These microbes mine minerals that are locked up in the soil, making them plant available, year after year. The stable carbon present in humus can last in the soil for up to 60 years, improving our land for generations to come. 

Long lasting, nutrient dense soil for a richer future.

Humus improves...

• Soil fertility

• Soil structure

• Moisture retention

• Carbon sequestration

• Mircrobe proliferation

What is Millenium Compost?

For an even great impact on transforming your soil try our millenium compost. It is 90% humus compost and 10% biochar. Biochar is more porous than charcoal and can last in the soil for 600 to 1000 years! It is a stable carbon with the ability to attract and hold nutrients until needed by plants and to house billions of microbes. It is great for improving sandy soil as it can hold 4 times its weight in water. When added into the composting process,  the biochar is loaded with plant available microbes and nutrients. Due to it’s crevice structure, it can absorb pollutants and heavy metals to detoxify contaminated soil (Lawrence Livermore Labs). 

Fore more info on the difference between home composting, commercial composting, humified compost, millenium compost, and our products, read the summary in this article

Common practice among gardeners

The folks at Epic Gardening buried kitchen scraps under tomato plants in the garden to uncover whether this well-known practice for gardeners actually works or not. 

Please keep in mind when viewing this video that the gardener has been building his soil for 10-12 years. 

Creating your own compost or relying solely on kitchen scraps may introduce imbalances in nutrient ratios, potentially leading to suboptimal plant performance. Krulls Humus Compost, on the other hand, undergoes a carefully controlled process, ensuring a rich and well-balanced mixture that promotes healthier plants and robust yields. 

By choosing Krulls Humus Compost, you’re investing in a proven formula for cultivating thriving gardens, backed by the expertise and commitment to quality that sets it apart from DIY approaches.

Humus Compost vs. Compost Tea

While both compost tea and humus compost offer valuable benefits to soil and plant health, compost tea provides a more immediate nutrient boost and can be efficiently used as a foliar spray. However, regular application of humus-rich compost is crucial for long-term soil health and fertility. Combining both methods can offer a comprehensive approach to nurturing your garden or lawn. 

Fertile soil can be achieved in 3-5 years as compared to other programs that can take 10-12 years. The microbes in compost and compost tea can transform poor soil in one season, improving soil structure and fertility. They continue to build the soil to reach its full potential in 3-5 years. Click to learn more about compost tea

What's in your compost?

We get asked all the time, “what’s in your compost?” with questions about specific nutrients. However, what truly sets our compost apart is its ability to transform your soil. Compost is not just about what’s in it, but it’s about what it does for your soil. Humus makes minerals ‘plant available’! It holds onto nutrients, preventing them from leaching away through sandy soil, while locking in energy that would otherwise escape. 

Our Humus Compost is rich in the nutrients that plants need for healthy growth, but its real magic lies in the creation of humus. Humus is a stable form of carbon that stays in your soil for up to 60 years, making it a long-lasting, sustainable solution for soil health.

An economical tool

Applying fertilizers year after year is an unending cycle in which nutrients may get leached away, be applied in excess, or simply be unavailable to plants. When a plant is in charge of its own growth, it can grow with less water and fertilizer.  

Compost is a necessary tool to enrich your soil, in conjuction with minerals and cover crops.

barry krull tractor compost

Although adding humus compost to your soil may be more of an investment up front, it is really an economical tool over time.  Unlike commercial compost, which requires application each year, our compost is not to be thought of as a fertilizer. It helps build richer soil, for a more economical future.

"Transforming soil and enriching life."

At Krull’s, we believe in the power of humus compost and compost tea to create a thriving ecosystem that enriches the soil, sustains plant life and nourishes people. We have dedictaed ourselves to a sustainable and holistic approach to farming, that yields not only exceptional products but also a stronger connection betwen earth and its inhabitants. 

residential lawn and garden

For your Lawn & Garden

Whether you’re a hobby gardener or just want to improve your lawn, our compost and compost tea will enrich your soil for years to come. See why using Krull’s compost is worth the investment.

improve your fruit with healthier trees using better compost and compost tea

For the Farm

Orchards, Vineyards, Vegetable Growers and Farmers can benefit from our products by building their soil, improving their fruits and fending off pests and diseases that threaten the farm.

Farm Stand

Bagged compost is available for sale year-round at our self-serve farm stand, located 1 mile west of Maple City. Local, seasonal produce is available from May-October. Compost by the yard is available now! Contact us for details. 

Healthy Soil ~ Healthy Plants ~ Healthy People.


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