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“A nation that destroys it’s soil destroys itself.”

~Franklin D. Roosevelt

Instructions for Foliar Application of Compost Tea

Aerated Compost Tea used as a foliar spray:

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All teas are filtered through a 400 micron mesh. It is important to thoroughly clean sprayers immediately after use, to prevent clogged nozzles. 

For Fruit Trees and Gardens

 • Can be used full strength of diluted, 1 part tea to 1 part water

• Coat the underside of the leaves as well as the top

• Best done in the evening

Field Crops

40 gallons of tea per acre minimum, may mix with water to spray.

For full strenth, use 60 gallons for tea per acre, mix with water to spray

Cover Crops

40 gallons of tea per acre  minimum, may be diluted 3 to 1. Apply just before turning under cover crop.

To use full strength on cover crops, use 40 gallons per acre minimum. 

Tea Life

For peak potential, tea must be applied the day it is purchased. If not, it’s microbial life may be extended by aeration for another 48 hours.

Compost Tea Extract: This tea should be used within a week and stored in a cool place.

A Short Summary of Humified Compost and Our Products

Explore the difference between home composting and commercial composting. Read a summary about our products, including: Humified Compost, Millenium Compost, and Compost Tea.

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