“We’re full of it.”

• Biologically active compost

• Life-giving micro-organisms

• Plant & Tree nutrition

• Soil building humus

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“A nation that destroys it’s soil destroys itself.”

~Franklin D. Roosevelt

Join us for a workshop and farm tour. 

Wed., May 29th: Workshop from 9am-12pm

What is compost? Why should I compost? How do I compost? Learn the difference between backyard compost and commercially produced compost.

Learn common mistakes and troubleshooting with this hands-on composting workshop will show you how to divert organic material from your kitchen and backyard into rich compost form many home planting projects.   Workshop begins at Leelanau County Poor Farm Barn (located across from Myles Kimmerly Park on County Road 616, Maple City, MI).

The workshop will then move 1/4 mile down the road to Krull’s Composting to learn about the premium humus compost produced there for backyard and commercial use.  Speaker Kate Thornhill, founder and caretaker of Leo Creek Preserve; Guest speakers include: Chris Skellinger, founder of Row-by-Row, supporting food insecurity in Northern Michigan at the Poor Farm Barn gardens.; Jane Eccelstone, volunteer at Row-by-Row; Barry Krull, owner/operator of Krulls Composting. 

Sponsored by Leelanau County Solid Waste Council – on a mission to remove 35% of compostables from the landfill.